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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme Feb 16th show playlist for 2/16/09:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Crestfallen  -  Eternal Nightmare  -  Streaks of Terror
Voetsek  -  Aggro Fueled  -  Infernal Command
Loaded For Bear  -  Utopian Rhymes With Fascist  -  Loaded For Bear/ Half Gorilla split 7"ep
Bring Down The Hammer  -  The Stench of Nobility  -  Bring Down the Hammer
Cwill  -  Death Alone  -  Nations
P.G.R./ Merzbow/ Asmus Tietchens  -  Three Hemispheres  -  Grav
Vatican Chainsaw Massacre  -  The Proud and the Few  -  Hazy Skies Over Marthas Vineyard
Assel  -  Forlat 1-2-3  -  Swedish Assault compilation
Vitamin X  -  Take It Or Leave It  -  Full Scale Assault
Subhumans (UK)  -  It's Gonna Get Worse  -  Religious Wars 7"ep
Final Warning  -  Holier Than Thou  -  PDX
Neverfall  -  Outlet  -  Symbols of Innerself
Stapled Shut  -  Lost Thought  -  Cry Now Cry Later Vol. 1 dbl 7"ep
Sewn Shut  -  Consistency  -  Man In Shackles/ Sewn Shut split 7"ep
F.U.B.A.R.  -  Snitch  -  Catheter/ F.U.B.A.R. split
Mind Eraser  -  Manipulate  -  The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7"ep
Massgrave  -  Corporation Mind Control  -  Massgrave/ Stormcrow split
Seitan  -  Frihet Ar Slaveri  -  D Beat Hippie Lovers
Rotten Sound  -  Blind  -  Cycles
Pretty Little Flower  -  Massacred In Totality  -  Pretty Little Flower/ Mesrine split 7"ep
Subterranean Source  -  A Sense of Doubt  -  Desolation House compilation
Napalm Death  -  Feeling Redundant  -  Time Waits For No Slave
Brob  -  Clean the Scene  -  Empty Life
Agathocles  -  Open the Gates  -  Grind Is Protest
The Endless Blockade  -  93 93/93  -  Primitive
Disforia  -  S.D.M.  -  Evoluzione ep
Resistant Culture  -  New Sun  -  All One Struggle
Accused  -  I'd Love To Change the World  -  Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told
Project Pitchfork  -  Entity (The Rebirth of...)  -  Souls/ Island ep
O.L.D.  -  Total Hag  -  Old Lady Drivers
Chocolate Crucifix  -  7 Bloody Goats  -  Chocolate Crucifix 7"ep
thirty-second "Ep On 3" (in which I play an entire classic ep on the 3rd week of each month):
Condemned To Death - "Condemned To Death" 7"ep; 1984,  R Radical records
Rebels Advocate  -  Guns, Booze and the Bible  -  Rebels Advocate/ Wendol split
Mind Of Asian  -  Dear Love  -  A Small Elephant In a Large Forest
Pissed Happy Children  -  Gravel Truck  -  Vigelante 7"ep
Extreme Noise Terror  -  Against the Grain  -  Law of Retaliation
I Accuse!  -  Make Me Hate You (Fwak)  -  I Accuse! 7"ep
Maruta  -  The Collapse  -  In Narcosis
Trendy Bastard  -  Bark Funeral  -  Trendy Bastard/ Krupskaya split 7"ep
Aaritila  -  P.M.F.  -  ...Ennen Huomista, Tana Tuomiopaivana...
Violent Arrest  -  Suicide Squad  -  Criminal Record dbl 7"ep
Croc/ Shop  -  God Bring Life  -  Order + Joy
Scott Hull  -  Audiofilm 1 (edit)  -  Audiofilm 1
Gnaw Their Tongues  -  The Sewer Rats of Calcutta  -  An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood
Sourvein  -  Forthwind  -  Imperial Bastard ep
Magrudergrind  -  Inevitable Progression  -  This Comp Kills Fascists compilation
Really Red  -  Run 'Em Out  -  Teaching You the Fear
State  -  Stay Depressed  -  Fuck This/ State split 7"ep
Black Flag  -  Now She's Black  -  Loose Nut
C.C.C.C.  -  Loud Sounds Dopa pt 1  -  Loud Sounds Dopa
Zero Boys  -  Black Network News  -  History Of...
Michelle Darkness  -  Shine On  -  Brand New Drug
Corrosion Of Conformity  -  Nothings Gonna Change  -  Eye For An Eye
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