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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme Feb 2nd show playlist for 2/2/09:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Mind Eraser  -  Constant Victim  -  The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7"ep
Doom  -  Sick Joke  -  War Crimes-Inhuman Beings
Iron Lung  -  Pig Hands  -  Sexless// No Sex
The Jerky Boys  -  Roofing  -  The Best of the Jerky Boys
Gauze  -  track 10 (Japanese titles)  -  Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte 12"ep
Rat Damage  -  Rat Damage  -  Crucial Cause/ Rat Damage split 7"ep
Rhythm & Noise  -  Looms  -  Swarm of Drones compilation
Street Sharks  -  Slummin It  -  To Live a Lie Three Year Sampler compilation
Cause For Alarm  -  Eyes of War  -  Cause For Alarm/ Warzone split ep
Bad Reaction  -  The Truth  -  Plastic World 7"ep
Funeral Shock  -  Messed It Up  -  Paint Thinner 7"ep
Weot Skam  -  Rentung  -  Weot Skam/ Common Enemy split 7"ep
Social Scare  -  Keep Us Free  -  Sound Formula
Ministry  -  Lava  -  Filthpig
Officer Down  -  One Ugly Gift  -  Officer Down 7"ep
Anti  -  New Underground  -  I Don't Want To Die In Your War
Vatican Commandos  -  Wonder Bread  -  Hit Squad For God 7"ep
Code Of Honor  -  Death To You  -  Sick Pleasure/ Code Of Honor split
Signal Lost  -  Freedoms Cage  -  Protess/ Signal Lost split 7"ep
Charlie Naked  -  Space Monkey  -  Space Monkey
Total Chaos  -  America Uber Alles  -  Avoid All Sides
All Out War  -  Enemies of Creation  -  For Those Who Were Crucified
Looking For An Answer  -  Cada Nacimiento Es Una Tragedia  -  Extincion
Trap Them  -  Reincarnation of Lost Lones  -  Seizures In Barren Praise
Nasum  -  The Masked Face (live)  -  Doombringer
Kill The Client  -  Terminal Nation  -  Cleptocracy
Instinct Of Survival  -  The Sky Lies  -  Wojczech/ Instinct Of Survival split
Weekend Nachos  -  Jocks From the Inside Out  -  Torture 7"ep
Geriatric Unit  -  Little Voice of Reason  -  Nuclear Accidents 12"ep
Venomous Concept  -  A Case of the Mondays  -  Poisoned Apple
Crawling With Tarts  -  Sarajevo Center Metal Doors  -  Sarajevo Center Metal Doors
Terror  -  Boxed In  -  Century Media- Covering 20 Years of Extremes compilation
Deathcycle  -  An Accomplice To Murder  -  Prelude To Tyrrany
End Of All  -  Ensam I Morkret  -  The Art of Decadence
Angelspit  -  Jugular  -  Blood Death Ivory
Melt-Banana  -  Cat Brain Land  -  Bambi's Dilemma
Hummingbird Of Death  -  Forgotten  -  Hummingbird Of Death/ Chainsaw To The Face split 10"ep
Born Against  -  Jock Gestapo  -  Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children
Legion Of Parasites  -  Exploit Control Manipulate  -  Another Disaster
Offenders  -  Wanted By Authority  -  We Must Rebel 12"ep
Seein Red  -  Real Men  -  Seein Red 7"ep
No Reply  -  Take Back the X  -  Memories of Tomorrow compilation
Sleeper Cell  -  Aftermath  -  Sleeper Cell
Minor Threat  -  Screaming At a Wall  -  Minor Threat
Stretch Marks  -  No Freedom  -  What D'Ya See
Circle Jerks  -  World Up My Ass  -  Group Sex 12"ep
Lets Grow  -  Immortal Death  -  Disease of Modern Times 12"ep
Arastoo & Aemae  -  Ostrakon  -  Ostrakon
Chocolate Crucifix  -  Black Metal Daisy Dukes  -  Chocolate Crucifix 7"ep
Hombrinus Dudes  -  Gluttonous Acts  -  Hombrinus Dudes/ Merkit split
Phobia  -  Sane  -  22 Random Acts of Violence
Resistant Culture  -  Natural Law  -  All One Struggle
Agathocles  -  Worthless  -  Grind Is Protest
Extinction Of Mankind  -  What's the Point  -  They've Taken Everything compilation
Premonitions Of War  -  Stolen Breath  -  Left In Kowloon
Chainsaw To The Face  -  Burnt To Death  -  This Comp Kills Fascists compilation
Sidetracked  -  Forced Conversation  -  Dead Radical/ Sidetracked split 
Death Side  -  Self Complacency  -  Satisfy the Instinct 7"ep
Exp  -  Jackal  -  Exp
Cripple Bastards  -  Stupro e Addio  -  Variante Alla Morte
Panicsville  -  The Simplistic Sadistic Statistic  -  Bad Times Ahead For Me compilation
Under A Nightmare  -  Dead Man's Cliff  -  Cemetery Getaway
The Damned  -  Under the Wheels  -  So, Who's Paranoid?
Underworld  -  Cowgirl  -  Dubnobasswithmyheadman
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