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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme March 2 show redux

Hopefully it'll work this time- don't know what happened before...

playlist for 3/2/09:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title

Wolfbrigade  -  Hour of the Wolf/ In Adrenaline  -  Comalive
Lungbrush  -  Janie  -  Old School New School
Capitalist Casualties  -  Suicide Mission  -  Capitalist Casualties/ Hellnation split
Bizarre X  -  Muellschlucker  -  Loaded For Bear/ Bizarre X split
Extortion  -  Mint  -  Extortion/ Agents Of Abhorrence split 7"ep
Mouth Sewn Shut  -  Don't Be Fooled  -  Instant Asshole/ Mouth Sewn Shut split 7"ep
Outlaw Order  -  Dragging Down the Enforcer  -  Dragging Down the Enforcer
Room 101  -  Teenage Arson  -  Contemporary Programming 7"ep
Suburban Lockdown  -  Bittsa Maniac  -  Beerzone/ Suburban Lockdown split
Vitamin X  -  Yes Sir, No Sir  -  Full Scale Assault
Waco Fuck  -  Stuck In the Past  -  Paranoia Is Total Awareness
Dayglo Abortions  -  Stupid World  -  Feed Us a Fetus
Big Black  -  Bad Penny  -  Songs About Fucking
Fight Amp  -  Dead Is Dead  -  Hungry For Nothing
G.B.H.  -  Sick Boy  -  City Baby Attacked By Rats
The Werent  -  Pig Dog Killers  -  Wreckin Temples
Stalag 13  -  Conditioned  -  In Control 7"ep
Smart Cops  -  Tra Le Reclute Un Pessimo Soggetto  -  Smart Cops 7"ep
Angel Of Decay  -  Told To Answer Mentally  -  Desolation House compilation
Seizure Crypt  -  When You Die (They Throw Your Stuff Out)  -  Under the Gun
Red Harvest  -  Synthesize My DNA  -  The Red Line Archives
Amebix  -  The Beginning of the End  -  No Sanctuary
Onesta  -  Born Not To Be  -  Back To Reality
Bastard Noise  -  Ryobi Party  -  Rogue Astronaut
Beforeafter  -  For My People  -  Bay Area Thrash III compilation
Discarga  -  Medo Nas Ruas  -  Musica Pra Guerra
Netjajev SS  -  Aldebaran Doggystyle  -  Netjajev SS
Panacea  -  Untitled B-Side  -  Low-Profile Darkness
Rabbit Junk  -  Ghetto Blasphemer  -  This Life Is Where You Get Fucked
Crom  -  Battle Axe Butchery/ Banned In B.C.  -  Hot Sumerian Nights
Massgrave  -  Unconsciously Mundane  -  Massgrave/ Stormcrow split
Brutal Truth  -  You Should Know Better  -  This Comp Kills Fascists compilation
Warcollapse  -  Expendable  -  Defy!
Pretty Little Flower  -  Indigenous Revolt  -  Pretty Little Flower/ Negative Step split 7"ep
Resistant Culture  -  Community  -  All One Struggle
Geisha  -  Prelude To Amber Pays the Rent  -  Die Verbrechen Der Liebe
C.R.A.S.S.  -  Big A Little A  -  Nagasaki Nightmare b/w Big A Little A 7"
Coil  -  The Anal Staircase  -  Horse Rotorvator
Dresden 45  -  Smoke/ Southern California 2  -  Paradise Lost
Chemlab  -  Codeine, Glue and You (Scorched remix)  -  Suture
Paint It Black  -  The Ledge  -  New Lexicon
Crucial Cause  -  Piss Ant  -  Crucial Cause/ Rat Damage split 7"ep
Concrete Sox  -  Eminent Scum  -  Your Turn Next
Nomatrix  -  Blah  -  Nomatrix ep
Killdozer  -  Hush  -  For Ladies Only
Septic Tumor  -  80,000 Hens  -  Septic Tumor 7"ep
State Of The Union  -  Kiro  -  To the Bitter End: A Discography
Meanwhile  -  Safe War  -  Reality Or Nothing
Cave In  -  Moral Eclipse  -  Until Your Heart Stops
Uzomi  -  Ladrao de Almas  -  Uzomi
Christian Death  -  This Is Heresy  -  Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ
Isocracy  -  Happy Now  -  The Thing That Ate Floyd compilation
Vatican Chainsaw Massacre  -  The Punk Rock Going Out of Business Sale  -  Hazy Skies Over Marthas Vineyard

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