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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme March 23 show playlist for 3/23/09:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Pig Children  -  Sick  -  Blood For the State 12"ep
Seizure Crypt  -  Drug Pig  -  Under the Gun
Totalitar  -  Logn Och Visdom  -  Klas Inte Ras 7"ep
Lethal Aggression  -  That Piece  -  Ad Nauseum
Cryptic Slaughter  -  Black and White  -  Convicted
Mind Of Asian  -  track 1 (Japanese titles)  -  A Small Elephant In a Large Forest
Extreme Noise Terror  -  Rat Hell  -  Law of Retaliation
Yacopsae  -  Antagonishus  -  Tanz, Grosny, Tanz...
Agathocles  -  Voor War Het Baat  -  Grind Is Protest
Napalm Death  -  Work To Rule  -  Time Waits For No Slave
Kill The Client  -  Bullet Proof Vulture  -  Cleptocracy
Sol Invictus  -  Angels Fall  -  Against the Modern World
Tribes Of Neurot  -  A Manifestation By Modern Means  -  U.H.F./ V.H.F. compilation
Nurse With Wound  -  You Walrus Hurt the Ones You Love  -  The Sylvie and Babs High-Thigh Companion
Front Line Assembly  -  The Blade  -  Tactical Neural Implant
Antischism  -  Greedy Bastards  -  Still Life
Pailhead  -  I Will Refuse  -  I Will Refuse b/w No Bunny 12"
The Cravats  -  Rub Me Out  -  The Land of the Giants
Big Black  -  Kitty Empire  -  Songs About Fucking
Naked City  -  Osaka Bondage  -  Torture Garden
Steril  -  Temper  -  Egoism
Vatican Chainsaw Massacre  -  Insanity By Consensus  -  Hazy Skies Over Martha's Vineyard
Genitorturers  -  Sin City  -  Sin City
Motorhead  -  Stay Clean  -  No Remorse
Disfear  -  Fear & Trembling  -  Doomriders/ Disfear split 7"
thirty-third "Ep On 3" (in which I play an entire classic ep on the 3rd week of each month):
Sore Throat - "Death To Capitalist Hardcore" 7"ep; 1988,  Acid Rain records
E.U.'s Arse      -  Vortice Di Rassegnazione  -  2008
Oxbaker  -  Siege Engine  -  Oxbaker/ Battle Unicron split 7"ep
Hellnation  -  Bought & Sold  -  Capitalist Casulties/ Hellnation split
Kismet H.C.  -  Botox Beauty Botox Beast  -  Happy Bastards/ Kismet H.C. split 7"ep
Dissystema  -  Television  -  Dissystema 7"ep
Turmoil  -  Every Man My Enemy  -  The Process Of...
Uncurbed  -  The Wave of Fear/ Destructive Hours  -  Back From the Ditch
Not Enough Bullets  -  Stare Down Repeat  -  D-Comp/ Not Enough Bullets split 7"ep
Wrecking Crew  -  My Mind's Diseased  -  Skate Rock Vol. 7: Noise Forest compilation
M.D.C.  -  Kleptomaniac  -  Chicken Squawk 7"ep
The Mongoloids  -  Don't Fake the Punk  -  Kids Like Us/ The Mongoloids split 7"ep
Intonarumori  -  Cel  -  Intonarumori
Flagitious Idiosyncracy In The Dilapidation  -  Smudge  -  Flagitious Idiosyncracy In the Dilapidation
Wadge  -  Raised On Exhaust  -  The Street Enters the House compilation
Wolfbrigade  -  Deny Tomorrow  -  Comalive
Illwill  -  Singh Hai  -  Evilution
Brain Handle  -  Oblivion Crud  -  Brain Handle 12"ep
N.O.T.A.  -  Justice In America  -  Toy Soldiers 7"ep
Gay Cowboys In Bondage  -  The Illness Song  -  Owen Marshmellow Strikes Again 7"ep
Lydia Lunch  -  Tied and Twist  -  Queen of Siam
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