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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme March 9 show playlist for 3/9/09:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title

Rorschach  -  Blinders  -  Protestant
16  -  Monday Bloody Monday  -  Bridges To Burn
SubtractiveLAD  -  The Slender Stem  -  Where.The.Land.Meets.The.Sky.
Lethal Aggression  -  Crossover Crossdresser  -  Ad Nauseum
Bring Down The Hammer  -  Angry God of Love  -  Bring Down the Hammer
Left For Dead  -  Skin Graft  -  Acrid/ Left For Dead split 12"ep
Chainsaw To The Face  -  Crawl  -  Hummingbird Of Death/ Chainsaw To The Face split 10"ep
Mind Eraser  -  Cheap Disguise  -  The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7"ep
Mind Of Asian  -  track 10 (Japanese title)  -  A Small Elephant In a Large Forest
Melvins  -  Ever Since My Accident  -  Ozma
Vae Victis  -  Red Sky Morning  -  Give Up All Hope/ Vae Victis split 7"ep
Sikhara  -  Mira-Me Miguel  -  Bardos State
Kids Like Us  -  Fading Away/ Alive & Well  -  Kids Like Us/ The Mongoloids split 7"ep
Throbbing Gristle  -  Seperation  -  Part Two- The Endless Knot
Einsturzende Neubauten  -  Magyar Energia  -  The Jewels
The Damage Manual  -  Damage Addict  -  Damage Manual 1
The Exploited  -  Computers Don't Blunder  -  Computers Don't Blunder b/w Addiction 7"
Capitol Punishment  -  Killer Cop  -  Two Party System 7"ep
The Feederz  -  Subscription  -  Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?
F.P.O.  -  Destiny  -  Straight To the Point 7"ep
Nabat  -  Senza Solid Senza Casa  -  Scenderemo Nelle Strade 7"ep
Gauze  -  track 3 (Japanese titles)  -  Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte 12"ep
Skitkidz  -  Svinahunden  -  Besoket Vid Krubban
Widespread Bloodshed  -  White Death  -  Massgrav/ Widespread Bloodshed split 7"ep
Weak Minds  -  Breast Physics  -  Weak Minds 7"ep
Voetsek  -  Rethinking the Paradigm  -  Infernal Command
Unseen Terror  -  Oblivion Descends  -  Human Error
Madball  -  Renegades  -  Infiltrate the System
Antigama  -  Sequenzia Dellamorte/ You Have the Right To Remain Violent  -  Warning
Cripple Bastards  -  Karma Del Riscatto  -  Variante Alla Morte
Maruta  -  A Sea of Dead Serpents  -  In Narcosis
Shades Of Grey  -  Silence  -  Shades Of Grey/ Massmord split
Massgrav  -  Det Ar Svinen Som Styr  -  This War Will Be Won By Meat Eaters
Ruin  -  Still Burning the Temples  -  Ruin/ T.R.I.B.E. split
Black Ships  -  The Flaws In Self Help  -  Omens
Vice Squad  -  The Times They Are a Changin  -  The Complete Punk Singles Collection
Roschach Test  -  Peace Minus One  -  Peace Minus One
Lot 49  -  Burning Mercury  -  Music For "I, Robot"
Lolita Black  -  Wounds  -  Inside the Wasteland
Young Widows  -  Lucky and Hardheaded  -  Old Wounds
Combichrist  -  New Form of Silence  -  Today We Are All Demons
7 Seconds  -  99 Red Balloons  -  Walk Together Rock Together
Deep Sleep  -  I'm On Top  -  Manic Euphoria 7"ep
Death By Stereo  -  I Wouldn't Piss In Your Ear If Your Brain Was On Fire  -  Into the Valley of Death
Extreme Noise Terror  -  Religion Is Fear  -  Law of Retaliation
Iron Lung  -  Unattended Funeral  -  Sexless// No Sex
Phobia  -  Blackened Day  -  22 Random Acts of Violence
Motiveless  -  Strange Appetite  -  Grind Bastards 2 compilation
Aube  -  In-Sine  -  A New Shade of Ambiance compilation
Revolting Cocks  -  Lewd Ferigno  -  Sex-O Olympico
Flipper  -  Sacrifice  -  Gone Fishin'
To What End?  -  Just the Middle  -  To What End?/ Witch Hunt split 7"ep
Turmoil  -  Killing Today For a Better Tomorrow  -  The Process Of...
Iwrestledabearonce  -  Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains  -  Iwrestledabearonce ep
The Alligators  -  Vendetta  -  The Alligators
Lets Grow  -  Lost  -  Disease of Modern Times 12"ep
Circle Jerks  -  Stars and Stripes  -  Wild In the Streets
B.G.K.  -  Institutional Mentality  -  Nothing Can Go Wrogn
B.G.K.  -  Injected Insanity  -  Nothing Can Go Wrogn
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