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deadthyme New Year's Noizefest

This was the 4th annual New Year's Noizefest, in which I play as many songs as I can, and then try to beat that number the next year without ever replaying any song.

The Tally:
2006 - 159 songs played
2007 - 180 songs played
2008 - 173 songs played
2009 - 183 songs played

playlist for 1/5/09:

(note: when announcing the songs, in all the chaos I accidently announced a couple out of order, and left at least one out.  This playlist is complete and correct, not what I say on the show)...

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
The Mad  -  I Hate Music  -  I Hate Music b/w Eyeball 7"
7 Seconds  -  Definite Choice  -  The Crew
Necros  -  Satisfy  -  Conquest For Death
Sidetracked  -  Still Here  -  Sidetracked/ Dead Radical split
Religious As Fuck  -  History Repeats  -  Mehkago N.T./ Religious As Fuck split 7"ep
Taint  -  Killing Is Just a Tool  -  Soundtrack For the End of the World compilation
Cripple Bastards  -  Allegrie Da Contatio  -  Variante Alla Morte
Enemy Soil  -  Solomn Witness  -  ...And the Scene Goes On... compilation
Strong Intention  -  Fight Back  -  What Else Can We Do But Fight Back
Bizarre X  -  Rein Vergessen!  -  Loaded For Bear/ Bizarre X split
Deadmockracy  -  Mask Ball Killers  -  A Luta Que Queremos compilation
Hatred Surge  -  Addict  -  The Endless Blockade/ Hatred Surge split 12"ep
S.S.D.  -  Wasted Youth  -  The Kids Will Have Their Say
Victims  -  Try?  -  Killer
Black Army Jacket  -  Make It Stop!  -  The Path of Two Swords As One 7"ep
No Comment  -  Skin Rape  -  No Comment 7"ep
Violent Arrest  -  Shit For Brains  -  Criminal Record dbl 7"ep
Bum Kon  -  Bum Kon  -  Drunken Sex Sucks
Depression (Ger)  -  An Autumn Blaze  -  Depression / Haemorrhage split
In Disgust  -  Waste of Time  -  Sidetracked/ In Disgust split 7"ep
Bring Down The Hammer  -  What the Fuck  -  Bring Down the Hammer
Mob 47  -  Child Molester  -  Dom Ljuger Igen ep
Sakatat  -  Tarth?  -  Archagathus/ Sakatat split 7"ep
Corn On Macabre  -  When Will Man Learn?  -  I & II
Merkit  -  Done  -  Hombrinus Dudes/ Merkit split
Glycine Max  -  I Hate Two Second Songs  -  Violent Mind// Peaceful Heart
Jesus Philbin  -  Forbidden South Seas Ritual  -  Jesus Philbin
Rat Damage  -  Pillls  -  Crucial Cause/ Rat Damage split 7"ep
Descendents  -  No FB  -  I Don't Want To Grow Up
Death Sentence  -  Tension  -  Until the End of the Sentence
Dehumanizers  -  Cigarette Death  -  The First Five Years (Of Drug Use)
Dissassociate  -  Hear Them Cry  -  Imperfect World
Bile  -  Teknowhore  -  Teknowhore
Iron Lung  -  Contested  -  Sexless// No Sex
Fear Of God  -  Raise the Siege  -  Fear of God 7"ep
Siege  -  Life of Hate  -  Drop Dead ep
Under Siege  -  The First To Be Sacrificed  -  Killercrust/ Under Siege split 7"ep
Condemned To Death  -  Wired  -  Condemned To Death 7"ep
Weak Minds  -  Setec Astronomy  -  Weak Minds 7"ep
Extortion  -  Masses  -  Extortion/ Agents Of Abhorrence split 7"ep
Final  -  Caved  -  Dead Air
Citizen  -  War of Nerves  -  Metal- A Headbanger's Companion compilation
Anal Cunt  -  No We Don't Want To Do a Split 7 Inch With Your Stupid Band  -  Metal- A Headbanger's Companion compilation
Terminal Youth  -  So Sincere  -  Terminal Youth 12"ep
White Flag  -  Hoppity Hopper  -  We Got Power compilation
Void  -  Condensed Flesh  -  Faith/ Void split
Gadget  -  Wishing It'd Be Different  -  Swedish Assault compilation
Wasteoid  -  Dead By Fucking Rot  -  Wasteoid/ Black Market Fetus split
Machine Gun Romantics  -  Peppermint (Kill Me)  -  Machine Gun Romantics 7"ep
Japanische Kampfhorspiele  -  Mann Dreht Mann Durch Fleischwolf  -  Japanische Kampfhorspiele/ Bathtub Shitter split 7"ep
D.F.C.  -  Odeio Essas Musicas  -  Cheap Ass Music Compilation
Nagant 1895  -  Senza Ritorno  -  Nagant 1895/ Obtrude split 7"ep
Radio Aktif  -  Generation War  -  0 To 60 In 59 Bands... compilation
Dystrophy  -  Burlingame Punx Is An Oxymoron  -  California Thrash Demolition compilation
Completed Exposition  -  He Can Live Only In Osaka  -  Stand Alone Completed Exposition 7"ep
Assuck  -  The Thousand Mile Stare  -  State To State 7"ep
Top Breeder  -  B.A.  -  Grind Bastards 2 compilation
Artificial Peace  -  U.X.B.  -  Outside Looking In
Negative FX  -  Nuclear Fear  -  Negative FX
D.R.I.  -  To Open Closed Doors  -  Violent Pacification 7"ep
Clair Obscur  -  The Last Encounter  -  Play
R.C.  -  Leave Me Be  -  Brown Cow 7"ep
Phobia  -  M.B.P.  -  22 Random Acts of Violence
Monster X  -  No Need  -  Monster X 7"ep
Cephalic Carnage  -  Once More With Feeling  -  Conforming To Abnormality
I Object  -  Neighborhood Watch  -  Social Conspiracy compilation
P.M.R.C.  -  Pig  -  demo 2006
Noisear  -  Oversaturation  -  Pyroclastic Annhiallation
Nasum  -  Lopandebandsprincipen (live)  -  Doombringer
Kids Like Us  -  Lantern Corps  -  Outta Control
Pasadena Napalm Division  -  OKRA  -  promo '08
Concrete Violin  -  A Picked Scab  -  Force Fed
Narcosis  -  One Way Ticket To the Cape of Get Fucked  -  Discography 1998 - 2007 Best Served Cold
Exit Wounds  -  Realize!  -  17 Wounds of Exit
Underattack  -  You're Too Old To Think  -  Thrash It Up compilation
Einsturzende Neubauten  -  Trinklied  -  Halber Mensch
Comrades  -  Kick Your Ass  -  Comrades/ Los Vaticanos split 7"ep
Crossed Out  -  Vacuum  -  Crossed Out/ Man Is The Bastard split 7"ep
Adicts  -  Dynasty  -  Songs of Praise
Bones Brigade  -  Spot Search  -  Focused
Common Enemy  -  King George  -  Common Enemy/ Woet Skam split 7"ep
Protes Bengt  -  Satsa  -  In Bengt We Trust 7"ep
Cruel Face  -  You've Lost...  -  Not Without a Fight compilation
Citizens Arrest  -  Existence  -  Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation 7"ep
Blood Duster  -  Therichbreedfuckingcockheadchildrenwhowillonedaybeyouremployer  -  Lyden Na
God's Temple Of Family Deliverance  -  You Are The Shining Star of His Existence  -  God's Temple of Family Deliverance
Lustmord  -  Godeater  -  [Other]
Infant Mortality Rate  -  Might As Well Wish For It  -  Puer Aeternus
Krupskaya  -  And Bless Those Who Carry Trepidation For the Faceless Enemy  -  Trendy Bastard/ Krupskaya split 7"ep
Violent Noise Attack  -  Vicious Circle  -  Agathocles/ Violent Noise Attack split 7"ep
Netjajev SS  -  Die Back To the Microbes  -  Netjajev Society System
Raw Power  -  Shame  -  Reptile House
Alligators  -  Kill the Criminals  -  Alligators
Massgrav  -  Det Vras Fr Sheriffen  -  This War Will Be Won By Meat Eaters
Insect Warfare  -  Coded Steel  -  Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ Insect Warfare split 5"ep
...And The Saga Continues  -  The Pressure's On  -  You Can't Stop the 3rd
Spoonful Of Vicodin  -  Our Explainations Are Longer Than Our Songs  -  This Comp Kills Fascists compilation
Gridlink  -  Asuka  -  Amber Gray
Bedlam  -  Knife In My Back  -  Lost In Space 12"ep
The Fartz  -  Waste No Time  -  Because This Fucking World Stinks 7"ep
Slave State  -  Those Who Can, Do...  -  Son of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation 7"ep
Cacofonia  -  My Hands Deep In Your Guts  -  Oh No, Please Not Again!!!
Looking For An Answer  -  Escoria  -  Extincion
Trashtalk  -  Run, Don't Walk  -  Plagues... Walking Disease
S.S.P.  -  Pro-Choice  -  Dudman/ S.S.P. split 7"ep
D.T.A.L.  -  Doomsday  -  Time To Die 7"ep
The Freeze  -  This Is Boston, Not L.A.  -  This Is Boston, Not L.A. compilation
Artimus Pyledriver  -  Decisions  -  Fucked From Birth
Widespread Bloodshed  -  More Punk Than You  -  Massgrav/ Widespread Bloodshed split 7"ep
Doom  -  Life In Freedom  -  Doom/ No Security split
Napalm Death  -  Common Enemy  -  Peel Sessions 12"ep
Rot  -  Fairytales  -  Slimewave compilation
Sissy Spacek  -  Hair Control  -  Sississpsskssissrs
Thrak  -  Raging Again  -  Thrak 7"ep
Disappointed Parents  -  Fuck-Drugs!  -  Am I Getting Through? 7"ep
Toxic Reasons  -  Drunk and Disorderly  -  Independence
CombetWoundedVeteran  -  The Rise of a Thousand Prosthetic Limbs  -  What Flavour Is Your Death Squad Leader 7"ep
Merzbow  -  Twisted Damiano  -  Cataclastic Fracture compilation
Minch  -  Minch  -  Minch 7"ep
Agent 86  -  Bud Brains  -  Scary Action 7"ep
Screeching Weasel  -  Panic  -  Anthem For a New Tomorrow
Sick Of It All  -  Pay the Price  -  Sick Of It All 7"ep
Stupids  -  The Pit  -  Peruvian Vacation
No Fraud  -  Aggression  -  Attack Is Now Suicide compilation
Violent Children  -  New Pride  -  Violent Children 7"ep
Fishsticks  -  Suck City  -  Cry Now Cry Later compilation dbl 7"ep
Chainsaw To The Face  -  Crippling Depression  -  Hummingbird Of Death/ Chainsaw To The Face split 10"ep
Apocalypse  -  Wimp-Core  -  Earth 7"ep
Scrawl  -  Boundary  -  I Kill What I Eat compilation
Schlong  -  PoopLoops Vs. Barney  -  No Idea Fanzine 11 compilation
Wisdom In Chains  -  This Is Mine  -  Class War
Suburban Mutilation  -  Police State  -  The Opera Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings
Bury The Living  -  Your Brutality Has a Name  -  All the News That's Fit To Scream
Chronical Diarrhoea  -  Senseless Lyrics  -  The Last Judgement/ Salomo Says
Arsedestroyer  -  untitled  -  Arsedestroyer
Khann  -  Himalayan Green  -  Tofutopia
Devoid Of Faith  -  Hollowed Out  -  Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!- A Music War compilation 7"ep
Nomatrix  -  Me Me Me  -  Nomatrix ep
The Endless Blockade  -  Pig Life  -  Primitive
50/50  -  Flat Spots  -  Endless Demise/ 50/50 split 7"ep
Bishop  -  Get Your Mind Right  -  Drugs
Mucus  -  ? (Japanese title)  -  This Is the Life Vol. 2 compilation
Black Flag  -  Spray Paint the Walls  -  Damaged
Dr. Know  -  Saviour  -  Habily What Is Old Is New
Apartment 213  -  Demise  -  Apartment 213/ Forced Expression split 7"ep
Discarga  -  Batendo A Cabela  -  Musica Pra Guerra
Skinny Puppy  -  Cage  -  Chainsaw ep
Cracked Cop Skulls  -  Safe New World?  -  Why Pussyfoot When You Can Kill? 7"ep
Hip Cops  -  Jerry Falwell's Fucking Dead  -  Hip Cops/ Gate split 7"ep
Smart Cops  -  Alla Frontiera  -  Smart Cops 7"ep
Abusive Action  -  Fighting For a Cause  -  We Got Party compilation
Psycho  -  Paper  -  Studio Recordings 1982 - 1986
Master/ Slave Relationship  -  The Pain of the Chains of Love  -  This Lubricious Love
Rhythm Syndrom  -  Fatal Error  -  Sick of Fun compilation 7"ep
Social Task  -  Yellow Streak  -  Demo 7"ep
Cold War  -  Legions of the Lost  -  Voetsek/ Cold War split 7"ep
HeWhoCorrupts  -  This Is Six Cymbol Hits  -  HeWhoCorrupts/ Godstomper split 7"ep
Heimat Los  -  La Seconde Necessaire  -  La Seconde Necessaire
North Pole Society Of Not Evil Adventurers  -  Bowling For Fetuses  -  The Dirtier Inch compilation
Out Cold  -  Restraining Order  -  Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One
Warzone Womyn  -  Sexual Tyrannosaur  -  Trapped In a Scene compilation
Resist  -  Blurr  -  Resistography
Y  -  Obliteration Work  -  Psuedo Youth... Human Cesspool
Agathocles  -  Necessity  -  Grind Is Protest
Hellnation  -  Mission Accomplished  -  Capitalist Casualties/ Hellnation split
Lords Of Light  -  Anger Punk Fast  -  Electric Sun 12"ep
Authorities  -  Nobody Likes Him  -  Puppy Love 12"ep
Voetsek  -  Sorry Don't Mean Shit  -  Infernal Command
Loaded For Bear  -  Masada Disreali Masada (The Race War Finish Line)  -  Loaded For Bear/ Half Gorilla split 7"ep
Rosenbombs  -  Keepin' It Real  -  Bay Area Thrash III compilation
Artless  -  Mr. Roger's Neighborhood  -  Artless
Really Red  -  Ode To Kurt Kren  -  New Strings For Old Puppets 7"ep
The Scarlet Letter  -  I'm Just a Lonely Bumblebee and That's the Way I Like It  -  The Summertime Benefit compilation
Crom  -  Stygian  -  Hot Sumerian Nights
Senseless Apocalypse  -  No Intellect  -  Japanese Assault compilation
Stark Raving Mad  -  Choice  -  Amerika
Diskonto  -  Neo-Imperialism  -  More Power To the Cops Is Less Power To the People 7"ep
M.D.C.  -  Church & State  -  Millions of Dead Cops
M.I.A.  -  New Left  -  Not So Quiet On the Western Front compilation
Caustic Christ  -  13  -  Caustic Christ/ R.A.M.B.O. split 7"ep
Heresy  -  Cornered Rat  -  13 Rocking Anthems
Generic  -  untitled (last track)  -  Generic/ Mortal Terror split
The Year Of Our Lord  -  Dead To You  -  The Year of Our Lord

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