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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme nov 17 show

playlist for 11/17/08:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Black Flag  -  Drinking and Driving  -  In My Head
Angkor Wat  -  Died Young  -  When Obscenity Becomes the Norm... Awake!
Light Yourself On Fire  -  Love and Death  -  Intimacy ep
Born/ Dead  -  Bomb Factory  -  The Final Collapse 12"ep
Massgrav  -  Social Kompetens  -  This War Will By Won By Meat Eaters
Lycanthrophy  -  Fur Farms  -  Lycanthrophy/ Kursk split 7"ep
Agents Of Abhorrence  -  Viewing  -  Earth. Water. Sun
No Value  -  To Defend  -  Primitive Recreation ep
Wasteoid  -  Handcuffed and Fucked  -  This Comp Kills Fascists compilation
Black Leather Jesus  -  Transfer Infection  -  Diseased Translation 7"
Phobia  -  Rise Up  -  22 Random Acts of Violence
The Beginning Of The End  -  Drunk Driver  -  Punishment Is Necessary 10"ep
Fuck... I'm Dead  -  Fuck... I'm Dead  -  Bring On the Dead
Birdflesh  -  Dancefloor Dismemberment  -  Mongo Musicale
Trap Them  -  Collapse and Marathon  -  Sleepwell Deconstructor
Rupture  -  Amen Semen  -  Cunt of God
Cold World  -  Do the Knowledge  -  Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First
Red Harvest  -  Dead (Refactor mix)  -  The Red Line Archives
Voetsek  -  Family Ties  -  Infernal Command
The Ale Gore  -  Tera Pat Rick  -  demo
Grails  -  X-Contaminations  -  Doomsdayer's Holiday
The Timebombs  -  Washed Up  -  Nuke Everything 7"ep
Bring Down The Hammer  -  Lights Out For the Dead  -  Bring Down the Hammer
Impulse Manslaughter  -  Patton's Disease  -  Senseless Death compilation
Suicidal Tendencies  -  Freedumb  -  Freedumb
Brain Handle  -  Oblivion Crud  -  Brain Handle 12"ep
Social Scare  -  Hearsay  -  Sound Formula
Life's Halt!  -  Public Enemy Was Right... Burn Hollywood Burn!  -  Life's Halt!/ What Happens Next? split
November 17  -  Tragedy  -  Trust No One
Reach The Sky  -  The Truth So Familiar  -  Friends, Lies and the End of the World
Manliftingbanner  -  Sister  -  Ten Inches That Shook the World 10"ep
Most Precious Blood  -  The Lantern  -  Nothing In Vain
PTL Klub  -  Drunk Driving  -  13 Commandments 12"ep
Sudden Impact  -  Sudden Impact  -  No Rest From the Wicked
Krupskaya  -  And Bless Those That Carry Trepidation For the Faceless Enemy  -  Krupskaya/ Trendy Bastard split 7"ep
twenty-ninth "Ep On 3" (in which I play an entire classic ep on the 3rd week of each month):
Capitol Punishment - "Two Party System" 7"ep; 1983,  Stagedive records
Kill The Client  -  Test Tube Nation  -  Cleptocracy
Kill The Client  -  Product of Misinformation  -  Cleptocracy
Discarga  -  Repressad Subliminar  -  Musica Pra Guerra
Mob 47  -  Politiskt Korrekt  -  Dom Ljuger Igen ep
DRI  -  A Coffin  -  Crossover
Bum Kon  -  I See  -  Drunken Sex Sucks
Protestant  -  Obituary  -  The Hate. The Hollow.
Blood Duster  -  Balladofhenryandotis  -  Lyden Na
Einsturzende Neubauten  -  Mei Ro  -  The Jewels
Pig Destroyer  -  Natasha  -  {Natasha}
Nurse With Wound  -  The Funktion of the Hairy Egg  -  Huffin' Rag Blues
Runzelstirn And Gurglestock  -  Zerrhohe-Schlagpunkt  -  Release Your Mind Vol. 2 compilation
Godflesh  -  Streetcleaner 2  -  Godflesh
Sleep Chamber  -  Warm Leatherette (remix)  -  Sins ov Obsession
Amebix  -  Belief  -  No Sanctuary
Deathcycle  -  We Will Rise  -  Prelude To Tyranny
Truth We Defend  -  Every Moment Pt. 2  -  Truth We Defend ep
Deep Sleep  -  Not Coming Back  -  Manic Euphoria 7"ep
Couch Fambeau  -  We'll Go Through the Windshield Together  -  The Day the Music Died

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