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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme Nov 3rd show

playlist for 11/3/08:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Stark Raving Mad  -  Politishit  -  Amerika
Active Minds  -  It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work  -  It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work
End Of All  -  Wrath Is Unleashed  -  The Art of Decadence
Deathcycle  -  Blueprint For Enslavement  -  Prelude To Tyranny
Disrupt  -  Ideals of An Idiot  -  Disrupt 12"ep
Brob  -  Fall Down  -  Empty Life
Melvins  -  Dies Irae  -  Nude With Boots
Instant Asshole  -  Headlines  -  Instant Asshole/ Mouth Sewn Shut split 7"ep
Capitalist Casualties  -  Voter Burnout  -  Capitalist Casualties/ Monster X split 7"ep
Discarga  -  Biocotar  -  Musica Pra Guerra
Bread And Water  -  Rock the Vote  -  Strength In Numbers 7"ep
Trust/ Obey  -  Hands of Clay  -  Hands of Ash
In Defence  -  Boombox Crew  -  Don't Know How To Breakdance
Shattered Faith  -  I Love America  -  Shattered Faith ep
Christ On A Crutch  -  Ode To a Liberal Democrat  -  Spread Your Filth
Bark Hard  -  Bark Hard  -  Bark Hard
Two Star Symphony  -  Goblin Attack  -  Love & Other Demons
Maruta  -  The Iron Lung Has Failed Us  -  In Narcosis
Agenda Of Swine  -  Fragments of Reason  -  Waves of Human Suffering
Massgrav  -  Vi Skiter I Persson  -  Massgrav/ Widespread Bloodshed split 7"ep
Syphilitic Vaginas  -  Shred Uranium Pussy  -  Syphilitic Vaginas/ Netjajev SS split 7"ep
Avskum  -  Dagar  -  Oppror Underifran
The Process  -  The Three Glorious Royal Thrones  -  Rosenkreutz
The Legendary Pink Dots  -  Blacklist  -  Blacklist 12"ep
Crom  -  The Lurker Within  -  Hot Sumerian Nights
FPO  -  I Sold Myself  -  Straight To the Point 7"ep
Aaritila  -  Tuonen Mustaparaati  -  ...Ennen Huomista, Tana Tuomiopaivana...
Bring Down The Hammer  -  A Most Blessed Lie  -  Bring Down the Hammer
Suicide Watch  -  Dig Your Own Grave  -  They've Taken Everything compilation
Compression  -  Fighting the Cum  -  Compression
UK Subs  -  Chemical War  -  Riot
Negative Trend  -  How Ya Feelin'?  -  Negative Trend ep
Agent Orange  -  Bloodstains  -  Living In Darkness
Wunderbugg  -  3 Molecules Away  -  Written In Flesh
Imperative Reaction  -  Functional  -  -Minus=All
Blastmat  -  Jesus Saves  -  Theme For a Dying World
The Exploited  -  Politicians  -  Jesus Is Dead 12"ep
November's Fire  -  Victim  -  Victim b/w Regret 7"
Wartorn  -  Weight of the World  -  Tainting Tomorrow With the Blood of Yesterday
Die Young  -  The Renaissance  -  Through the Valleys In Between
Dare To Defy  -  Life Call  -  Tales From the Drunkside 7"ep
State  -  Rotgut  -  German 7"ep
Bad Reaction  -  Pay To Cum  -  Had It Coming
Cro-Mags  -  World Peace  -  Age of Quarrel
Inside Treatment  -  Myth  -  Underneath My Purple Shades
Bullet Treatment  -  Law of Observation  -  It's Casual/ Bullet Treatment split 7"ep
Blohole  -  Broke  -  Leave It To Blohole
Imperial Leather  -  Power of Blame  -  Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
Xiphoid Process  -  Zorn  -  Interbreeding: Industrial Cyberlords compilation
From Ashes Rise  -  So Say the Wise...  -  From Ashes Rise/ Victims split
Banjax  -  Lust  -  Banjax ep (Japanese title)
Lower Class Brats  -  Beware  -  The New Seditionaries
Bold  -  Clear  -  Speak Out
Buckethead  -  Carpal Tunnel Tomb Torker  -  Bucketheadland 2
Raw Power  -  Politicians  -  Screams From the Gutter
Total Chaos  -  Dancing On Your Grave  -  Avoid All Sides
Mad Parade  -  Right Is Right  -  Right Is Right 7"ep

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