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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme Nov 10 show

Incomplete show! (unfortunately, due to a computer error, the first 30 minutes (denoted by italics on the playlist) of this episode of deadthyme didn't record.  The podcast starts halfway through the Hanzel Und Gretyl song...

playlist for 11/10/08:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Double Negative  -  Pond and Prairie  -  The Wonderful and Frightening World of Double Negative 12"ep
State Of The Union  -  Monolith  -  To the Bitter End... A Discography
Rudimentary Peni  -  No More Pain  -  No More Pain ep
Suicide Commando  -  Save Me  -  X.20 Best of
Protestant  -  Free Us From...  -  The Hate. The Hollow.
Yellow Knives  -  Sweat Logic  -  Acid Sunrise
Integrity  -  Mirror In Reverse  -  Walpurgisnacht b/w Mirror In Reverse 7"
Bensoussan  -  That's Right  -  Matris Futuor
Iron Lung  -  Politics of Science  -  Sexless// No Sex
Hanzel Und Gretyl  -  Bavarian Bierhaus Blood  -  2012: Zwanzig Zwolf
Amdi Petersens Arme  -  Hardcore Del II  -  Blod Ser Mere Virkligt Ud Pa Film 7"ep
Follow Fashion Monkeys  -  A Yam  -  Follow Fashion Monkeys
Acid Reflux  -  Half Spic  -  Secret Power 7"ep
Annihilation Time  -  Jonestown  -  Tales of the Ancient Age
Subhumans (UK)  -  Culture Addict  -  Internal Riot
Brother's Justice  -  One Second of Peace  -  Total Automation ep
Weekend Nachos  -  Sludge  -  Torture 7"ep
It's Casual  -  Let It Out  -  Bullet Treatment/ It's Casual split 7"ep
+DOG+  -  Polyp  -  Sea Horses
Mouth Sewn Shut  -  Drunk White Jesus  -  Mouth Sewn Shut/ Instant Asshole split 7"ep
Victims  -  The Burning Fire  -  Killer
Genghis Tron  -  Endless Teeth  -  Board Up the House
Rotten Sound  -  Alternews  -  Cycles
Hip Cops  -  Sac Tap  -  Hip Cops/ Gate split 7"ep
Unholy Grave  -  Dickheads  -  Revoltage
Never Built Ruins  -  TV Star  -  Built To Love 10"ep
Ratos De Porao  -  Raped Ass  -  A Tribute To Anti Cimex compilation
dead Horse  -  Army Surplus  -  Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming
Gang Green  -  Kill a Commie  -  This Is Boston Not L.A. compilation
El Desmadre  -  Diseased  -  Reason Of Insanity/ El Desmadre split 7"ep
Lustmord  -  Dark Awakenings  -  [Other]
Anti You  -  Nothing New  -  Johnny Baghdad 7"ep
DRI  - Dennis's Problem  -  Dirty Rotten Lp
Youngblood  -  No Rockstar  -  Angoslia 12"ep
Waco Fuck  -  Less Than Six Years  -  Paranoia Is Total Awareness
BGK  -  Regering (Krijg De Tering)  -  Jonestown Aloha!
Caustic Cause  -  Look To the Left  -  We Got Power compilation
Fall Out  -  Criminal World  -  Fall Out 7"ep
Funeral Shock  -  Good Intentions  -  Paint Thinner 7"ep
Signs Of Hope  -  Promises  -  Choices Made ep
Suburban Showdown  -  Inhumane Economy  -  Suburban Showdown/ Distress split
The Spoils  -  Jarhead  -  To the Victor...
Jarboe  -  The House of Void (Visceral mix)  -  Mahakali
Irr. App. (Ext.)  -  Kreiselwelle  -  Kreiselwelle
Sourvein  -  I... Vigilante  -  Imperial Bastard ep
Venomous Concept  -  Hero  -  Poisoned Apple
Yacopsae  -  A. Crjsoh.  -  Tanz, Grosny, Tanz...
Khann  -  Tofutopia  -  Tofutopia
Half Gorilla  -  A Bridge To a Gap  -  Loaded For Bear/ Half Gorilla split 7"ep
Seitan  -  Varldskrig  -  D Beat Hippie Lovers
50/50  -  Downhill Massacre  -  Endless Demise/ 50/50 split 7"ep
Spoonful Of Vicodin  -  Totally Brutal News Exposure  -  This Comp Kills Fascists compilation
Astrogenic Hallucinating  -  Circular Chambers  -  Astrogenic Hallucinating
Ohgr  -  Shhh  -  Devils In My Details
Light Yourself On Fire  -  Intimacy  -  Intimacy ep
All Or Nothing H.C.  -  Strike Down  -  What Doesn't Kill You...
Paint It Black  -  Severance  -  New Lexicon
My Dying Bride  -  Under Your Wings and Into Your Arms  -  34.788%... Complete

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deadthyme Nov 3rd show

playlist for 11/3/08:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Stark Raving Mad  -  Politishit  -  Amerika
Active Minds  -  It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work  -  It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work
End Of All  -  Wrath Is Unleashed  -  The Art of Decadence
Deathcycle  -  Blueprint For Enslavement  -  Prelude To Tyranny
Disrupt  -  Ideals of An Idiot  -  Disrupt 12"ep
Brob  -  Fall Down  -  Empty Life
Melvins  -  Dies Irae  -  Nude With Boots
Instant Asshole  -  Headlines  -  Instant Asshole/ Mouth Sewn Shut split 7"ep
Capitalist Casualties  -  Voter Burnout  -  Capitalist Casualties/ Monster X split 7"ep
Discarga  -  Biocotar  -  Musica Pra Guerra
Bread And Water  -  Rock the Vote  -  Strength In Numbers 7"ep
Trust/ Obey  -  Hands of Clay  -  Hands of Ash
In Defence  -  Boombox Crew  -  Don't Know How To Breakdance
Shattered Faith  -  I Love America  -  Shattered Faith ep
Christ On A Crutch  -  Ode To a Liberal Democrat  -  Spread Your Filth
Bark Hard  -  Bark Hard  -  Bark Hard
Two Star Symphony  -  Goblin Attack  -  Love & Other Demons
Maruta  -  The Iron Lung Has Failed Us  -  In Narcosis
Agenda Of Swine  -  Fragments of Reason  -  Waves of Human Suffering
Massgrav  -  Vi Skiter I Persson  -  Massgrav/ Widespread Bloodshed split 7"ep
Syphilitic Vaginas  -  Shred Uranium Pussy  -  Syphilitic Vaginas/ Netjajev SS split 7"ep
Avskum  -  Dagar  -  Oppror Underifran
The Process  -  The Three Glorious Royal Thrones  -  Rosenkreutz
The Legendary Pink Dots  -  Blacklist  -  Blacklist 12"ep
Crom  -  The Lurker Within  -  Hot Sumerian Nights
FPO  -  I Sold Myself  -  Straight To the Point 7"ep
Aaritila  -  Tuonen Mustaparaati  -  ...Ennen Huomista, Tana Tuomiopaivana...
Bring Down The Hammer  -  A Most Blessed Lie  -  Bring Down the Hammer
Suicide Watch  -  Dig Your Own Grave  -  They've Taken Everything compilation
Compression  -  Fighting the Cum  -  Compression
UK Subs  -  Chemical War  -  Riot
Negative Trend  -  How Ya Feelin'?  -  Negative Trend ep
Agent Orange  -  Bloodstains  -  Living In Darkness
Wunderbugg  -  3 Molecules Away  -  Written In Flesh
Imperative Reaction  -  Functional  -  -Minus=All
Blastmat  -  Jesus Saves  -  Theme For a Dying World
The Exploited  -  Politicians  -  Jesus Is Dead 12"ep
November's Fire  -  Victim  -  Victim b/w Regret 7"
Wartorn  -  Weight of the World  -  Tainting Tomorrow With the Blood of Yesterday
Die Young  -  The Renaissance  -  Through the Valleys In Between
Dare To Defy  -  Life Call  -  Tales From the Drunkside 7"ep
State  -  Rotgut  -  German 7"ep
Bad Reaction  -  Pay To Cum  -  Had It Coming
Cro-Mags  -  World Peace  -  Age of Quarrel
Inside Treatment  -  Myth  -  Underneath My Purple Shades
Bullet Treatment  -  Law of Observation  -  It's Casual/ Bullet Treatment split 7"ep
Blohole  -  Broke  -  Leave It To Blohole
Imperial Leather  -  Power of Blame  -  Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
Xiphoid Process  -  Zorn  -  Interbreeding: Industrial Cyberlords compilation
From Ashes Rise  -  So Say the Wise...  -  From Ashes Rise/ Victims split
Banjax  -  Lust  -  Banjax ep (Japanese title)
Lower Class Brats  -  Beware  -  The New Seditionaries
Bold  -  Clear  -  Speak Out
Buckethead  -  Carpal Tunnel Tomb Torker  -  Bucketheadland 2
Raw Power  -  Politicians  -  Screams From the Gutter
Total Chaos  -  Dancing On Your Grave  -  Avoid All Sides
Mad Parade  -  Right Is Right  -  Right Is Right 7"ep

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