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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...
deadthyme 5 year anniversary show

I've been mostly posting older episodes of the show, but in celebration for the 5 year anniversary of the show (the first episode was May 2, 2005), I'm going to post this episode from May 10, 2010 which was the 5 year anniversary show part 2 (which I think came out better than part 1.  I'll post part 1 later)... 

playlist for 5/10/10: Artist - Song Title - Album Title ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dayglo Abortions  -  I Killed Mommy  -  Feed Us a Fetus
Terveet Kadet  -  Lihan Ilot  -  Ihmisen Poika, Pedon Poika ep
Dishonorable Discharge  -  Expedite Death  -  Kept In the Dark 7"ep
Heratys  -  Ei Saatana  -  Heratys
The Abominable Iron Sloth  -  I Destroy  -  The Id Will Overcome
Cop Shoot Cop  -  Israeli Dig  -  Ask Questions Later
Cancer Spreading  -  Catarsi  -  Cancer Spreading/ Cruel Storm split 7"ep
Religious As Fuck  -  Napalm Meth  -  American Cheeseburger/ Religious As Fuck split
Herds  -  The Life of Caribou  -  Herds
The Horror  -  Waiting For a Sign  -  Spoils of War
No Labels  -  (ego)  -  We Got Power compilation
Armed Response  -  Too Gross For Comfort  -  We Got Power compilation
Deranged Diction  -  Crooning  -  We Got Power compilation
False Confession  -  Kill For Fun  -  We Got Power compilation
Flipper  -  Love Fight  -  Love
Follow Fashion Monkeys  -  Hardcore Rules  -  Follow Fashion Monkeys
Th' Inbred  -  Hardcore Inc  -  Legacy of Fertility
Marching Plague  -  Rock 'N' Roll Asshole  -  Rock 'N' Roll Asshole 7"ep
The Clitboys  -  We Don't Play the Game  -  We Don't Play the Game 7"ep
Minutemen  -  Black Sheep  -  Joy 7"ep
Middlefinger  -  El Lay Woman  -  Digitus Impudicus
Test Dept.  -  Fist  -  The Unacceptable Face of Freedom
Fang  -  An Invitation  -  Land Shark 12"ep
Bark Hard  -  To Myself  -  Bark Hard
Descendents  -  Sour Grapes  -  Enjoy!
Gride  -  Vysat A Zahodit  -  Gride/ Lies & Distrust split 7"ep
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour  -  Atmosphere  -  Voltage Monster
Revolting Cocks  -  Pissy Army  -  Got Cock?
Hellshock  -  Prisoner  -  Hellshock/ Age split 7"ep
Melvins  -  Sacrifice  -  Lysol ep
Yacopsae  -  Antagonishus  -  Tanz, Grosny, Tanz...
Rotten Sound  -  Suffer the Children  -  Napalm ep
Skitsystem  -  Stigmata  -  Stigmata
P.L.F.  -  Fuck the T.V.  -  Swarming Industrial Cancer 7"ep
Sleepchamber  -  Thee Unforgiven  - Spellbondage
Krush  -  Rest Assure  -  Krush
Jesus Fucking Christ  -  Eyes That Bleed  -  Life's Hateful Seed
R.A.M.B.O.  -  Unhindered By Hope  -  Bring It!
Krigshot  -  Multinationella Fittor  -  Orebro-Mangel
Nocturnal Emissions  -  Revolution Baby  -  Songs of Love and Revolution
E.A.T.E.R.  -  Religion  -  Doomsday Troops 7"ep
Citizens Arrest  -  Pain  -  Colossus
F.P.O.  -  I Sold Myself  -  Straight To the Point 7"ep
Mihoen!  -  R.O.T.O.P.  -  Schorremorrie compilation
A.Y.S.  -  Flex Your Heart  -  Expect No Mercy... 7"ep
Curse Of The Golden Vampire  -  Oil Money  -  Mass Destruction
Stickmen With Rayguns  -  Christian Rat Attack  -  Some People Deserve To Suffer
Laibach  -  Opus Dei  -  Opus Dei
Outcry  -  The Wave  -  Outcry 12"ep
Sore Throat  -  Horrendify and Kill  -  Disgrace To the Corpse of Sid
NoMeansNo  -  Stop It  -  You Kill Me 12"ep

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