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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...

Psycho</b>  -  Kids Are For Trix  -  <i>Studio Recordings 1982 - 1986</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>

Norman Bates & The Showerheads</b>  -  Hellminded  -  <i>Norman Bates & the Showerheads</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>

Misfits</b>  -  Horror Business  -  <i>Horror Business 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Vitamin X</b>  -  Grim Reaper  -  <i>Full Scale Assault</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Lullabye Arkestra</b>  -  Get Nervous  -  <i>Threats/ Worship</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Black Arrows Of Filth And Impurity</b>  -  If Shit Were Gold, The Poor Wouldn't Have Assholes<i>  -  1984 (Eternal)</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Voivod</b>  -  Volcano  -  <i>Infini</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Two Star Symphony</b>  -  Another Little Terror  -  <i>Love & Other Demons</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Retaliate</b>  -  Know Your Roots  -  <i>We Are One</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Aaritila</b>  -  Mellakka  -  <i>...Ennen Huomista, Ta Na Tuomiopaivana...</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>

The Horror</b>  -  Spurn  -  <i>Spoils of War</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

No Security</b>  -  Masskontroll  -  <i>Doom/ No Security split</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Rat Attack</b>  -  Just Don't Care  -  <i>Pain Killer ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Gorgeous Frankenstein</b>  -  Mothernight  -  <i>Gorgeous Frankenstein</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Wolf Eyes</b>  -  Droll/ Cut the Dog  -  <i>Always Wrong</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Taste Of Fear</b>  -  Pro-Life = No Mind  -  <i>Disrupt/ Taste Of Fear split 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Cripple Bastards</b>  -  Sottoposti Al Taglio  -  <i>Variante Alla Morte</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Pig Destroyer</b>  -  Scarlet Hourglass  -  <i>Terrifyer</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Defeatist</b>  -  Terminal Existence  -  <i>Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Mind</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>

Seven Foot Spleen</b>  -  Fetchin' Boy  -  <i>Enter Therapy</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Suburban Showdown</b>  -  Counter-Recruitment  -  <i>Any Minor Inconvenience Must Be Eliminated</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>

Varukers</b>  -  Hellbound  -  <i>Killing Myself To Live ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>


<i>-fortieth "Ep on 3" (in which I play a whole classic ep on the third week of the month):</i><br><b>G.B.H.</b> - <i>Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne 12"ep</i> (1981; Clay Records)<br>&nbsp&nbsp<b> 


Horse The Band</b>  -  Shapeshift  -  <i>Desperate Living</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Skinny Puppy</b>  -  Shadowcast  -  <i>Cleanse Fold and Manipulate</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>

The Nightshift</b>  -  Sir Deadness  -  <i>Los Muertos</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Angry Samoans</b>  -  Gimme Sopor  -  <i>Inside My Brain 12"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

The Paraplegics</b>  -  Akephalos!!!  -  <i>Running In Circles</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Acid Bath</b>  -  New Corpse  -  <i>Paegan Terrorism Tactics</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Gwar</b>  -  Damnation Under God  -  <i>Lust In Space</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Weekend Nachos</b>  -  Rejected Psychopath  -  <i>Unforgiveable 12"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Teen Cthulhu</b>  -  Curse of the Poison Rat Clan  -  <i>Iron Lung/ Teen Cthulhu split 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

K2</b>  -  Back To Back Appearance  -  <i>Japanoise compilation</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Boiling Over</b>  -  Consume Me  -  <i>Punx Don't Drink compilation 7"ep</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Hummingbird Of Death</b>  -  Now and Forever  -  <i>Show Us the Meaning of Haste</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Vatican Chainsaw Massacre</b>  -  Hazy Skies Over Martha's Vineyard  -  <i>Hazy Skies Over Martha's Vineyard</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Samael</b>  -  Aillers  -  <i>Eternal</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Discharge</b>  -  You Have the Gun  -  <i>Disensitise</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Flipper</b>  -  Live Real  -  <i>Love</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Dr. Acula</b>  -  Piano Lessons Can Be Murder  -  <i>Belowme!</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

Cross Stitched Eyes</b>  -  Rot  -  <i>Coronach</i><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<b> 

KMFDM</b>  -  Davai  -  <i>Blitz</i><br> 

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