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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...


artist  -  song title  -  album title

Criaturas  -  Espiritu De Libertad  -  Espiritu De Libertad

GISM  -  (AAHB)  -  Outsider compilation

Night Birds  -  Villa Obscura  -  Born To Die In Suburbia

Haywire  -  Bring the Power Down  -  Private Hell

Nox  -  Fight  -  Crowd

Melvins  -  Warhead  -  Everybody Loves Sausages

Tartanic  -  Doumbek Solo An Dros  -  Unavoidable

Godflesh  -  F.O.D.  -  Decibel Singles Series flexi 7"

Sucked Dry  -  Catamite Dog  -  Children

Totälickers  -  ¿Anarquía?  -  Cemëntiri

D.T.A.L.  -  Time To Die  -  Time To Die 7"ep

Tar Babies  -  Be Humble  -  Face The Music 12"ep

Plasma Alliance  -  Revenge  -  We Can't Wait 7"ep

Hounds Of Hate  -  Hello Cruel World/ Pound Of Flesh  -  Hounds Of Hate

Cro-Mags  -  It's The Limit  -  Before The Quarrel

Beats Antique  -  Beauty Beats  -  Collide

Sacridose  -  Illusory  -  Anxiety Tremors 7"ep

ACxDCx  -  Trolls  -  Antichrist Demoncore/Sex Prisoner/Magnum Force 3-way split 10"ep

Besta  -  Herança Macabra  -  Herege ep

Cowards  -  Old City  -  Hoarder 12"ep

Doom  -  Monarchy Zoo  -  25 Years Of Crust

Headless Dogs  -  Whites  -  1-5

Fight Amp  -  I Should Have Worn Black  -  Birth Control

KMFDM  -  Crazy Horses  -  Godlike 12"ep

Slayer  -  Abolish Government/ Superficial Love  -  Undisputed Attitue

Nurse With Wound  -  Dueling Banjos  -  Hoisting the Black Flag compilation

Anstalt  -  My Pride Is My Ignorance  -  Kamphetamine ep

UK Subs  -  Preacher  -  Riot

Verbal Abuse  -  Leeches  -  Just An American band

Static Me  -  Youth Trash  -  Static Me

Descendents  -  Marriage  -  Milo Goes To College

Super Heroines  -  Seven Years  -  Souls That Save

Bad Acid Trip  -  Beef Moo  -  Lynch The Weirdo

Homo Eradicus  -  Beard Envy  -  Misanthropology 7"ep

The She Demons  -  I Bury the Living  -  Flame Buy Ant

Secret Hate  -  Death In the Desert  -  When Men Were Men... And Sheep were Scared compilation AM

Subhumans  -  Religious Wars/ Love Is...  -  Religious Wars 7"ep

Goddakk  -  Rodeo Romeo  -  Monument To a Ruined Age

Turbokrieg  -  Tommy Loves Dukes  -  Gride/ Turbokrieg split 5"ep

Code 13  -  Give the Kids What They Want  -  A Part Of America Died Today 7"ep

Unwanted Youth  -  Early Grave  -  Unwanted Youth

Screeching Weasel  -  Society  -  Screeching Weasel

Lynard's Innards-  Decapinated  -  Swimsuit Issue 7"ep

Scared Straight  -  Drug Free  -  Born To Be Wild 7"ep

Life's Blood  -  Maximum Security  -  Life's Blood/ Sticks And Stones split 7"ep

Fugitive Family  -  Taking It Back  -  The Saddest Story Ever Told 7"ep

The Damned  -  Shut It (Die Krupps mix)  -  Shut It single

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I haven't been able to put up shows in awhile because the files have been corrupted and it messes up the audio (lots of glitches'), but this episode isn't too bad...


Screeching Weasel In the Hospital blame and Burn 7"ep Flush

02:34 AM

L.D.S. Stick Me Nightmare Underworld 02:35 AM
Ministry 99 Percenters Relapse 13th Planet 02:40 AM
Machine Blind Man's Holiday Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers compilation double 7" ep Hippycore 02:44 AM
Mutagen Давай Вставай Scream Into Nowhere RAF Records 02:45 AM
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour Voltage Monster Release Your Mind Volume 2 Release 02:48 AM
Protestant No Peace Protestant / Suffering Mind split 6" ep Ora 02:52 AM
Cutnpaste Give Me Some Pain Kill 'em All And Come Back Alone self released 02:53 AM
Renouncer The Brink Incorporeal Insurrection ep Disgorge Media 02:55 AM
Noisear The Last Spark of Resistance Subvert The Dominant Paradigm Relapse 02:56 AM
GBH Knife Edge Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne Clay Records 03:00 AM
Tension Recruits Pericolo Di Morte 7" ep Tantrum Records 03:01 AM
Hell-O-Hill Blood Stains Maelström OSK Records 03:03 AM
Black Tusk This Time is Divine Set the Dial Relapse 03:12 AM
EXP Neuro Gothik compilation Cleopatra 03:15 AM
Tresspasser Seeds of Man Wages of Faith self released 03:22 AM
Danzig Deep X-Files - Songs in the Key of X Warner Bros 03:23 AM
Gilla Bruja NoRhymeNoReason Tooth And Nail Retribute Records 03:28 AM
Crucial Unit Million Dollar Thrash Song Municipal Waste/Crucial Unit split Six Weeks 03:30 AM
R.K.L. Feelings of Hate Keep Laughing Mystic 03:31 AM
M.K. Ultra Prayer Breakfast Tomorrow Will Be Worse 2 compilation Sound Pollution Records 03:34 AM
Dead And Gone The Beautician The Beautician Gold Standard Laboratories 03:35 AM
Pick Your Side No Good Will Come From This Survival Prayer 7" ep A389 Recordings 03:36 AM
The Mobeus Warrior Distrubuted Shared Memory compilation Mindspore 03:37 AM
Th'Inbred "Reproduction" 7" ep The whole damn thing Frozen Sound Studio 03:46 AM
DNF The Blood // The Smell Hurt High Anxiety, No Idea 03:57 AM
Curlupanddie Make Like A Computer And Get With the Program Unfortunately We're Not Robots Revelation 04:00 AM
Skinny Puppy Hospital Waste VIVIsectVI Capitol 04:03 AM
Morgue Mart 13 Gallons of Blood Skeleton of the American Dream deadslab 04:08 AM
Doom In It For Cash World of Shit Vinyl Japan 04:10 AM
Cripple Bastards Self-Zeroing EyeHateGod/Cripple Bastards split 7" Southern Lord 04:16 AM
Stark Raving Mad Bloodclot Amerika Slob 04:20 AM
Drop Dead Life in Chains Drop Dead Selfless 04:21 AM
Dom Där Arbetsfri och lycklig Dansa Vilt Min Själ 7" ep self released 04:22 AM
Red Harvest AEP Sick Transit Gloria Mundi Relapse 04:25 AM
Filthy Christians Herring Attack Mean Earache 04:27 AM
Turbokreig Speedkhan Rising Dissent/Turbokreig split Torture Garden Picture Company 04:29 AM
Lull Found Release Your Mind Volume 2 compilation Release 04:31 AM
Decendants Everything Sux Everything Sucks Epitaph 04:36 AM
Combat Shock Sick Note Hospital Food Weird Records 04:37 AM
Dr. Know Emergency Room The Best Of Mystic Records 04:40 AM
Deadline ICA 8/2/82 Peterbilt Records 04:40 AM
The Fuck Ups Bacon and Eggs We Got Power compilation Mystic 04:41 AM
We Are The Doctors Tandarts Take Your Meds self released 04:42 AM
Deviated Instinct Dripfeeder Deviated Instinct Peaceville 04:42 AM
16 Theme From 'Pillpopper' Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds Relapse 04:48 AM
Joy Division She's Lost Control Permanent London 04:52 AM
Primus Sgt. Baker Sailing The Seas Of Cheese Interscope

04:55 AM 

Minutemen         Paranois Chant        Paranois Time 7"ep      SST                      
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