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[deadthyme] is a two and a half hour weekly underground modern counter-culture music show. Punk, industrial, death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, noizecore, gothic metal, power violence, straight-edge, horror punk, experimental, etc...


artist  -  song title  -  album title

Criaturas  -  Espiritu De Libertad  -  Espiritu De Libertad

GISM  -  (AAHB)  -  Outsider compilation

Night Birds  -  Villa Obscura  -  Born To Die In Suburbia

Haywire  -  Bring the Power Down  -  Private Hell

Nox  -  Fight  -  Crowd

Melvins  -  Warhead  -  Everybody Loves Sausages

Tartanic  -  Doumbek Solo An Dros  -  Unavoidable

Godflesh  -  F.O.D.  -  Decibel Singles Series flexi 7"

Sucked Dry  -  Catamite Dog  -  Children

Totälickers  -  ¿Anarquía?  -  Cemëntiri

D.T.A.L.  -  Time To Die  -  Time To Die 7"ep

Tar Babies  -  Be Humble  -  Face The Music 12"ep

Plasma Alliance  -  Revenge  -  We Can't Wait 7"ep

Hounds Of Hate  -  Hello Cruel World/ Pound Of Flesh  -  Hounds Of Hate

Cro-Mags  -  It's The Limit  -  Before The Quarrel

Beats Antique  -  Beauty Beats  -  Collide

Sacridose  -  Illusory  -  Anxiety Tremors 7"ep

ACxDCx  -  Trolls  -  Antichrist Demoncore/Sex Prisoner/Magnum Force 3-way split 10"ep

Besta  -  Herança Macabra  -  Herege ep

Cowards  -  Old City  -  Hoarder 12"ep

Doom  -  Monarchy Zoo  -  25 Years Of Crust

Headless Dogs  -  Whites  -  1-5

Fight Amp  -  I Should Have Worn Black  -  Birth Control

KMFDM  -  Crazy Horses  -  Godlike 12"ep

Slayer  -  Abolish Government/ Superficial Love  -  Undisputed Attitue

Nurse With Wound  -  Dueling Banjos  -  Hoisting the Black Flag compilation

Anstalt  -  My Pride Is My Ignorance  -  Kamphetamine ep

UK Subs  -  Preacher  -  Riot

Verbal Abuse  -  Leeches  -  Just An American band

Static Me  -  Youth Trash  -  Static Me

Descendents  -  Marriage  -  Milo Goes To College

Super Heroines  -  Seven Years  -  Souls That Save

Bad Acid Trip  -  Beef Moo  -  Lynch The Weirdo

Homo Eradicus  -  Beard Envy  -  Misanthropology 7"ep

The She Demons  -  I Bury the Living  -  Flame Buy Ant

Secret Hate  -  Death In the Desert  -  When Men Were Men... And Sheep were Scared compilation AM

Subhumans  -  Religious Wars/ Love Is...  -  Religious Wars 7"ep

Goddakk  -  Rodeo Romeo  -  Monument To a Ruined Age

Turbokrieg  -  Tommy Loves Dukes  -  Gride/ Turbokrieg split 5"ep

Code 13  -  Give the Kids What They Want  -  A Part Of America Died Today 7"ep

Unwanted Youth  -  Early Grave  -  Unwanted Youth

Screeching Weasel  -  Society  -  Screeching Weasel

Lynard's Innards-  Decapinated  -  Swimsuit Issue 7"ep

Scared Straight  -  Drug Free  -  Born To Be Wild 7"ep

Life's Blood  -  Maximum Security  -  Life's Blood/ Sticks And Stones split 7"ep

Fugitive Family  -  Taking It Back  -  The Saddest Story Ever Told 7"ep

The Damned  -  Shut It (Die Krupps mix)  -  Shut It single

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I haven't been able to put up shows in awhile because the files have been corrupted and it messes up the audio (lots of glitches'), but this episode isn't too bad...


Screeching Weasel In the Hospital blame and Burn 7"ep Flush

02:34 AM

L.D.S. Stick Me Nightmare Underworld 02:35 AM
Ministry 99 Percenters Relapse 13th Planet 02:40 AM
Machine Blind Man's Holiday Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers compilation double 7" ep Hippycore 02:44 AM
Mutagen Давай Вставай Scream Into Nowhere RAF Records 02:45 AM
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour Voltage Monster Release Your Mind Volume 2 Release 02:48 AM
Protestant No Peace Protestant / Suffering Mind split 6" ep Ora 02:52 AM
Cutnpaste Give Me Some Pain Kill 'em All And Come Back Alone self released 02:53 AM
Renouncer The Brink Incorporeal Insurrection ep Disgorge Media 02:55 AM
Noisear The Last Spark of Resistance Subvert The Dominant Paradigm Relapse 02:56 AM
GBH Knife Edge Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne Clay Records 03:00 AM
Tension Recruits Pericolo Di Morte 7" ep Tantrum Records 03:01 AM
Hell-O-Hill Blood Stains Maelström OSK Records 03:03 AM
Black Tusk This Time is Divine Set the Dial Relapse 03:12 AM
EXP Neuro Gothik compilation Cleopatra 03:15 AM
Tresspasser Seeds of Man Wages of Faith self released 03:22 AM
Danzig Deep X-Files - Songs in the Key of X Warner Bros 03:23 AM
Gilla Bruja NoRhymeNoReason Tooth And Nail Retribute Records 03:28 AM
Crucial Unit Million Dollar Thrash Song Municipal Waste/Crucial Unit split Six Weeks 03:30 AM
R.K.L. Feelings of Hate Keep Laughing Mystic 03:31 AM
M.K. Ultra Prayer Breakfast Tomorrow Will Be Worse 2 compilation Sound Pollution Records 03:34 AM
Dead And Gone The Beautician The Beautician Gold Standard Laboratories 03:35 AM
Pick Your Side No Good Will Come From This Survival Prayer 7" ep A389 Recordings 03:36 AM
The Mobeus Warrior Distrubuted Shared Memory compilation Mindspore 03:37 AM
Th'Inbred "Reproduction" 7" ep The whole damn thing Frozen Sound Studio 03:46 AM
DNF The Blood // The Smell Hurt High Anxiety, No Idea 03:57 AM
Curlupanddie Make Like A Computer And Get With the Program Unfortunately We're Not Robots Revelation 04:00 AM
Skinny Puppy Hospital Waste VIVIsectVI Capitol 04:03 AM
Morgue Mart 13 Gallons of Blood Skeleton of the American Dream deadslab 04:08 AM
Doom In It For Cash World of Shit Vinyl Japan 04:10 AM
Cripple Bastards Self-Zeroing EyeHateGod/Cripple Bastards split 7" Southern Lord 04:16 AM
Stark Raving Mad Bloodclot Amerika Slob 04:20 AM
Drop Dead Life in Chains Drop Dead Selfless 04:21 AM
Dom Där Arbetsfri och lycklig Dansa Vilt Min Själ 7" ep self released 04:22 AM
Red Harvest AEP Sick Transit Gloria Mundi Relapse 04:25 AM
Filthy Christians Herring Attack Mean Earache 04:27 AM
Turbokreig Speedkhan Rising Dissent/Turbokreig split Torture Garden Picture Company 04:29 AM
Lull Found Release Your Mind Volume 2 compilation Release 04:31 AM
Decendants Everything Sux Everything Sucks Epitaph 04:36 AM
Combat Shock Sick Note Hospital Food Weird Records 04:37 AM
Dr. Know Emergency Room The Best Of Mystic Records 04:40 AM
Deadline ICA 8/2/82 Peterbilt Records 04:40 AM
The Fuck Ups Bacon and Eggs We Got Power compilation Mystic 04:41 AM
We Are The Doctors Tandarts Take Your Meds self released 04:42 AM
Deviated Instinct Dripfeeder Deviated Instinct Peaceville 04:42 AM
16 Theme From 'Pillpopper' Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds Relapse 04:48 AM
Joy Division She's Lost Control Permanent London 04:52 AM
Primus Sgt. Baker Sailing The Seas Of Cheese Interscope

04:55 AM 

Minutemen         Paranois Chant        Paranois Time 7"ep      SST                      
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playlist for 1/2/12:
Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Minch - Lipucci Minch - Seven Minch 7"ep
Uniform Choice - No Thanks - Screaming For Change
D.R.I. - Who Am I? - Dirty Rotten 7"ep
Cross Rage - Don't Pray - Cross Rage 7"ep
One By One - Christ As a Crutch - World On Fire 7"ep
DoublexCrossed - On the Edge - Moscow Drug Free 7"ep
Miserylab - Done To Death - Void of Life
Disrupt - Mass Graves - Unrest
Napalm Death - Human Garbage - Scum
Children Of God - Raise the Dosage - Seven Sisters Of Sleep/ Children Of God split
La Nomenklatur - Meosta (Pt II) - La Nomenklatur/ Brume split
half-ass, thrown together at the last minute "Favorites of 2011" set one:
Alpinist - Steps - Alpinist/ Masakari split
Mephisto Walz - Damaged Art Hippie - IIIrd Incarnation
Unkind - Tämä Päivä  - Harhakuvat
Amebix - God of the Grain - Sonic Mass
Drugs Of Faith - Foreign Climates - Corroded
Lycanthrophy - Neverending Frustration  - Lycanthrophy
Despise You - They All Died Is What Happened - Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ Despise You split
Maruta - Blood of the Luddite - Forward Into Regression
Looking For An Answer - Running Through the Blood - Eterno Treblinka
half ass, thrown together at the last minute "Favorites of 2011" set two:
Shards - Breeder Scum - Shards
Dark Ages - Power - Can America Survive?
Elders - Philosophy Failures - Blind Rage
Scheisse Minnelli - Fighting Reality - The Fight Against Reality
The Shining - Hey Little Kid - The Shining/ Citizens Patrol split 7"ep
Leæther Strip - Sex Dwarf - Sex Dwarf ep
Meinhof - From Protest To Resistance - 8 Drops of Blood
Dead Language - Ignorance - Dead Language 12"ep
Most Precious Blood - Shut the Fuck Up, Jailbreak - Do Not Resuscitate
Deep Sleep - Slow Down - Turn Me Off
Haujobb - Echo - New World March
end of "Favs of 2011" sets.
Death Token - Engine of Hell - All Dreams Are Nightmares
Sore Throat - Alcoholics Unanimous - Unhindered By Talent
G-Anx - Mit Live - Filthy Christians/ G-Anx split 7"ep
Burnt By The Sun - When Corporations Rule Your Mom - Burnt By The Sun/ Luddite Clone split ep
Hellnation - Control - Control
Agathocles - Prevoked Behavior - Agathocles/ Man Is The Bastard split 7"ep
Mehkago NT - The Family International - Massive Fucking Headwounds
Capitalist Casualties - Liberty Gone - M.D.C./ Capitalist Casualties split 7"ep
Bloodcum - Harrassment By Farm Animals - Death By a Clothes Hanger
Plaid Retina - Sugarfit - Plaid Retina
Violent Arrest - Crumbs - Tooth and Nail
The Faction - Fast Food Diet - No Hidden Messages
The Abused - Senseless - New York Hardcore 7"ep
The Drafted - Time To Leave - The Drafted
Hey Colossus - I Am Bunga Bunga - RRR
Matxura - Zer Uste Zenuten? - Matxura
Left For Dead - Eight Floors Above - Left For Dead/ Ochre split 7"ep
Doom - Financial Coup - Doom US Tour 7"ep
Man Is The Bastard - Stocks - Backwards Species 7"ep
Oroku - Death To the Summer - Living Through The End Time
Nuclear Death - Feral Viscera - Bride of Insect
Demise - Rum and Coke - Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation 7"ep
Righteous Pigs - I Hope You Die In a Hotel Fire - Live and Learn
Nasum - ...And You Were Blind To What Lay Beyond The Horizon - Nasum/ Warhate split 7"ep
In Control - Sometime - Breaking the Curse
Crimpshrine - Fucked Up Kid - Duct Tape Soup
Hates - Also Watched - Panacea 12"ep
Ringworm - Burning Bridges - Scars
Weak Teeth - Repetition Implies Importance, Implies Importance - What a Plague You Are
Violent Noise Attack - Blind To the Truth - Agathocles/ V.N.A. split 7"ep
Stench Of Corpse - untitled (Anal Cunt cover) - Killer Stench From Outer Space 7"ep
Raw Noise - Code of Corruption - Scum Will Rise Up To the Top 7"ep
Scalplock - Tied To the Post - On Whose Terms?
Phobia - Life's Animosity - Unrelenting 12"ep
Extreme Noise Terror - One Truth One Hate - Being and Nothing
His Hero Is Gone - Automation - Monuments To Thieves
Converge - Phoenix In Flames - Jane Doe
Fantômas - Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion - The Director's Cut
Unseen Terror - Garfield For President - Human Error
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a newer episode!


Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Killercrust - Take A Small Stroll Down Emanuele Lane/ Disactionary - Under Siege/ Killercrust split 7"ep
Drugs Of Faith - No We Can't - Corroded
Weekend Nachos - Dubviolence - Worthless
No Humanity - One Sided - Condemned To Rot ep
Alpinist - The Cursed Word Open-Minded - Lichtlærm
Former Thieves - Trust Fund Kids - The Language That We Speak
Copout - Return - Face Down/ Copout split 7"ep
All Ill - Self Oppression - Symbols of Involution 7"ep
Citizens Arrest - Number - Colossus
Tumorhead - He's Dead - Tumorhead/ Gu Bucket split 7"ep
Ultra - Aff - Zoll
Waste Management - Mind War - Power Abuse 7"ep
Lärm - Up To You - 2010
Septic Death - Mental Cancer - Now That I Have the Attention... What Do I Do With It
Omegas - Disgusting Fun - Blasts of Lunacy
Mephisto Walz - Alexandria (extended) - Darkness Before Dawn Vol. 3 compilation
O.L.D. - Tracheotomy Peashooter - Old Lady Drivers
Final Conflict - Burial Service - Ashes To Ashes
Spazztic Blurr - ABC's/ Spazztic Puke - $'s Befo Da Awbum...
S.O.B. - Not Me - Leave Me Alone 7"ep
This Is Hell - Out Come the Bastards - Weight of the World
Mater Susperia Vision - The Trip Garden of El Diablo - Fromrussiawithaids/ Mater Susperia Vision split
Lock Up - Acceleration Mutation - Necropolis Transparent
Lethal Aggression - Spooge - Life Is Hard...But That's No Excuse At All!
For The Worse - Killing Myself To Pass the Time - For the Good For the Bad For the Worse
My Own Lies - Die Angst Vorm Krieg - Betercore/ My Own Lies split 7"ep
H.R.A. - Money Hungry Fucks - Heavy Roach Activity
Condemned? - Ocean - Condemned2Death
Rudimentary Peni - Essence - The Underclass ep
The Accused - W.C.A.L.T. - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral
Battalion Of Saints - Inter Course - 2nd Coming 7"ep
Annie Anxiety - Burnt Offerings - Soul Possession
Front Line Assembly - Laws of Deception - Improved Electronic Device
Conflict - Whichever Way You Want It - To a Nation of Animal Lovers 7"ep
Operation - Militant Kamp - Frihet?
Motörhead - Waiting For the Snake - The World Is Yours
Slab! - Undriven Snow - Descension
The Shining - Blank Stares - The Shining/ Citizens Patrol split 7"ep
Descendents - Everything Sucks (demo) - Everything Sucks Demos
Angry Samoans - Hot Cars - Inside My Brain 12"ep
Dr Know - Watch It Burn - Burn 7"ep
Excel - Sonic Decapitation - Split Image (reissue)
Cro-Mags - World Peace - Age of Quarrel
Exploited - Sex and Violence - Punks Not Dead
SubtractiveLAD - Brokadocious - Systemic 02 compilation
Inepsy - Hell On Earth - Toxic Holocaust/ Inepsy split 12"ep
D.T.A.L. - Fucking Nappe - Time To Die 7"ep
Idiots Parade - Deadly Request  - This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2 compilation
Gepøpel - Ze Komen Ook Bij Jou - Parracide 7"ep
Lost World - No Fun - Tot Aber Haltbar
S.N.O.T. - Life-Death - Slaughterhouse 7"ep
Impetigo - Harbringer of Death - Ultimo Mondo Cannibal
Repulsion - Six Feet Under - Horrified
The Vandals - Phone Machine - Fear of a Punk Planet
Voivod - Chaosmongers - Dimension Hatröss
Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - Victory Stinks - Enhanced Methods of Questioning ep
Cancerous Growth - Had Enough - Late For the Grave 12"ep
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Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Slave One  -  The Wounds of Lost Love  -  Slave One
Black Magic Marker  -  Haunted House  -  Dark Inside
Doomriders  -  Night Lurker  -  Darkness Come Alive
Geriatric Unit  -  Perfect World  -  Permethrin Blues
Vivisick  -  Beautiful Shit In the Crowd  -  Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 3 compilation
Sick Of It All  -  What's Goin' On  -  Just Look Around
Municipal Waste  -  Divine Blasphemer  -  Massive Aggressive
Brody's Militia  -  Crossover 1  -  Brody's Militia/ Black Market Fetus split 7"ep
Sore Throat  -  Straights  -  Unhindered By Talent
(The) Parallax View  -  Happy Well-Adjusted Young  -  Destruction of Property
ASRA  -  Pig Squealer  -  This Comp Kills Fascists compilation
Agathocles  -  Not a Bit  -  Grind Is Protest
Cripple Bastards  -  Marchio Catastale  -  Variante Alla Morte
Converge  -  Dead Beat  -  Axe To Fall
Mehkago N.T.  -  Fall of the Bastard  -  Mehkago N.T./ Religious As Fuck split 7"ep
Burning Image  -  The Dark Watcher  -  Fantasma
Suburban Showdown  -  The Downfall of the World To Come  -  Any Minor Inconvenience Must Be Eliminated
Concrete Violin  -  Total Surveillance State (Thunderdome version)  -  Dead At Dead Audio 2009
Age  -  Earth Burning Black  -  Hellshock/ Age split 7"ep
Capitalist Casualties  -  Beggars Can't Be Choosers  -  Disassembly Line
Fear Tomorrow  -  Mabrothrax  -  Integrity/ Fear Tomorrow split ep
Human Waste  -  Hypocrisy  -  Lagar Ar Till For Att Brytas 7"ep
Indigesti  -  Sogni A Doppie Vie  -  Sguardo Realta
Gwar  -  Vlad the Impaler  -  Scumdogs of the Universe
Horse The Band  -  Rape Escape  -  Desperate Living
Nitzer Ebb  -  Hearts and Minds  -  Belief
My Fun  -  Signal Drift  -  Sonorine
False Alarm  -  Tell Me Who I Am  -  False Alarm/ Youth Gone Mad split 7"
Personality Crisis  -  Piss On You  -  Something To Believe In compilation
Riot Squad  -  Society's Fodder  -  I'm OK- Fuck You 7"ep
Follow Fashion Monkeys  -  Local Celebrity  -  Follow Fashion Monkeys
Picture Frame Seduction  -  We'll Survive  -  What Are You Doing About That Hole In Your Head? compilation
Turning Point  -  Insecurity  -  Forever compilation 7"ep
Decadence Within  -  Open Mind  -  This Lunacy
Civic Progress?  -  Suckling  -  No Bullshit Vol. 4 compilation 7"ep
Mokira  -  Invitation To Love  -  Persons
Cable  -  Gulf of Texaco  -  The Failed Convict
Magrudergrind  -  The Price of Living By Delinquent Ideals  -  Magrudergrind
Flipper  -  Why Can't You See  -  Love
Siouxsie And The Banshees  -  Fireworks  -  Fireworks 12"ep
Adamantium  -  Re-Ignition  -  Never Give In- A Tribute To Bad Brains compilation
Current 93  -  Invocation of Almost  -  Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain
Mads Staff Jensen  -  Sweet  -  Kulture Shot2 compilation
Genitorturers  -  Revolution  -  Blackheart Revolution
Chronical Diarrhoea  -  Problems  -  Abstract Carnage 12"ep
Retaliate  -  Rest In Peace  -  We Are One
Bold  -  Nailed To the X  -  Speak Out
The Hypodermix  -  Nothing For You  -  Battle For a Generation
Husker Du  -  Gravity  -  Everything Falls Apart And More

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   Nasum - Deleted Scenes - Shift
   Agathocles - Liberal Cancer - Grind Is Protest
   Mumakil - Whip Reward - Behold the Failure
   HeWhoCorrupts - Mike Muir On Wall Street - HeWhoCorrupts/ Phoenix Bodies split 10"ep
   Otophobia - AxBxC = Fukkyou - Malignant
   Discharge - Persuasion = Power - Disensitise
   S.T.R.E.E.T.S. - No Rules - Invaders From Gnars
   Yatagarasu - Lifendr - Protoplasm
   Cold Shoulder - Ghost Towns - Punx Don't Drink 7"ep
   Side By Side - Side By Side - You're Only Young Once... So Do It Right 7"ep
   Dirt - Hiroshima - Object Refuse Reject Abuse 7"ep
   Code Of Honor - Fight Or Die - Code Of Honor/ Sick Pleasure split
   English Dogs - R.I.P. - Mad Punx & English Dogs 12"ep
   El Dopa - Infected - 1332
   Red Handed - Lust and Knives - Brainchild
   Napalm Death - A No-Sided Argument - Time Waits For No Slave
   Weekend Nachos - Balance of Power - Unforgivable 12"ep
   Wagon Christ - Shadows - Sorry I Make You Lush
   Saw Throat - Inde$troy Part 4 - Inde$troy
   Lullabye Arkestra - We Fuck the Night - Threats/ Worship
   Th' Inbred - Piss Test - Legacy of Fertility
   Wisdom In Chains - Take Me Home - Everything You Know
   Deathstars - Chertograd - Night Electric Night
   Hellnation - Movement - Control
   Electro Hippies - Turkeys - The Only Good Punk Is a Dead One
   Everybody Goes To Hell - Combine - Time Devourer ep
   The Paraplegics - Drunk (It's Just a State of Mind) - Running In Circles
   Trapped Under Ice - Believe - Secrets of the World
   Misfits A.D. - Twilight of the Dead - Land of the Dead b/w Twilight of the Dead 12"
   Malformed Earthborn - Embracing Pain - Defiance of the Ugly By the Merely Repulsive
   Agnostic Front - Last Warning (United Blood version) - Victim In Pain reissue
   25 Ta Life - Don't Forget the Struggle Don't Forget the Streets - Stength Integrity Brotherhood
   The Dillinger Escape Plan - Sugar Coated Sour - Calculating Infinity
   Javelina - Beware the Wrath of the Patient Man - Beasts Among Sheep
   Diabolos Rising - Sadism Unbound - Blood Vampirism and Sadism
   Guided Cradle - Killing Floor - You Will Not Survive
   Black Magic Marker - Welcome Matt 124345 - Side Dark
   The Drafted - North Korea - The Drafted
   U.Z.I. Suicide - Sick Visions - U.Z.I. Suicide 7"ep
   Burnt By The Sun - Beacon - Heart of Darkness
   The Horror - The Zeroes - Spoils of War
   Kids Like Us - Evil People - The Game
   Paint It Black - Surrender - Surrender 7"ep
   Social Scare - Greenback - Sound Formula
   Systematic Death - Under Age - My Meat's Your Poison compilation
   Bad Acid Trip - Strange Humans - Lynch the Weirdo
   Blunt Force Trauma - Hatred For the State - Hatred For the State ep
   Scarred For Life - Feeding a War - Born Work Die
   Noothgrush - Sith - Failing Early, Failing Often
   Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Kunstfehler - Japanische Kampfhorspiele/ Bathtub Shitter split 7"ep
   Doomriders - Lions - Darkness Come Alive
   Spermbirds - Americans Are Cool - Something To Prove
   Death Box - Wheel Bite - Oofda!! 7"ep
   In My Rosary - No Doubt - These Silent Years ep

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